"Boring sightseeing was yesterday; 365days is today!"

Vienna is different — experience it in a different way!

365days in Vienna is for all those who want more than just walking along Vienna’s usual tourist trails.

Experience Vienna with all your senses! Explore hidden locations that are not open to the public, discover real, unique Viennese pieces and become part of the city yourself.

Four good reasons to book a 365days experience

No crowds, no waiting

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Forgotten, hidden places

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Exclusive in every price range

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Unique worldwide

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Marco & Raimund, our founders

Our Founders

Vienna is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so there is a lot to experience and discover.

But what is Vienna like when you get away from the usual tourist trails? What is Vienna all about?

Is it the people, the history, the culture, the food?

We asked ourselves exactly these questions. We are therefore looking for and designing exactly those experiences for you so you will not only experience Vienna but also feel it.

We have exactly what you always wanted to experience: authentic Viennese hospitality, hidden and undiscovered places, insights behind the scenes, and more. Come discover Vienna with us!

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Friendly and full of fun facts!

Good finger food and desserts from the local restaurant with excellent sparkling wine. Other carriages that have no food and no wine watch with envy!

– Brian B., TripAdvisor

Nice little bites and treats with a nice bottle of bubbles. Our tour guide was a beautiful young man who was attentive and very professional, we loved it. We recommend!

– Tarnz, TripAdvisor
100% recommendable!

Great tour, competent staff, very friendly.

– Benjamin E., Facebook
Super nice tours!

Employees are great and super friendly. Next trip to Vienna we will definitely book something again. Highly recommended!

– Werner T., Facebook
Great experience!

We did the secret roof tour in the center of Vienna. It was a breathtaking view. Our tour guide told us a lot of interesting things about Vienna that we didn't know before. It was a very entertaining tour with a delicious coffee. Thank you very much. Recommended!

– Leyla T., Facebook
Really unique experience!

We enjoyed every minute with our tour guide. He was very funny and has a lot of knowledge about Vienna.

– Liz Z., Facebook